Agro Forestry Program

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Agro Forestry Program


Population pressure and the demand for more farmland have led to the establishment of this program. Farmers are trained and their capacity built on sustainable agro forestry techniques to improve soil texture and nitrogen content through the planting of fast growing, multipurpose, nitrogen fixing trees to improve yields

MfoFou has contacted and sensitized over 300 farmers belonging to more than 100 farming associations on the effects of climate change and the use of agro forestry technologies (alley cropping, live fencing, contour farming, crop rotation, forest gardens etc) as adaptation and mitigation methods. Over 10,000 diverse agro forestry seeds have been nursed and distributed to farmers to be planted on farms. Some endangered native tree species (e.g Newtonia cameronesis, Prunus africana) have been nursed to be planted in community forests.


Mfombo Foundation