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Our Mission


Mission, Value, and Strategies

Our mission is to restore nature and improve community livelihood in partnership with local communities in ways which support the

  • Conservation of birds, threatened and endangered mammals, forests, associated biodiversity and indigenous knowledge about the wise and sustainable use of plants, soils, water and other natural resources.
  • Advocacy and promotion of public awareness of both local and global environmental and socio-economic issues created by human pressure and the potentials of community joint action to rehabilitate degraded land generate livelihood benefits and combat climate change.
  • Building of the capacity of local communities to increase their resilience to environmental degradation and climate shocks through supporting the establishment of community-led natural resource management strategies.
  • Improvement of livelihoods in rural communities through the promotion of apiculture, agro forestry, livestock rearing sustainable use of forests and forest products, for traditional foods and medicines to improve food security, nutrition, and health.

All of our work is guided and informed by distinctive values:

Partnership: MfoFou seeks to develop respectful, equitable and sustainable partnerships with organizations that share their vision and mission.

Transparency: MfoFouis open about its finances and is bound to publish annually financial reports.

Ethics: MfoFou is open to working with everyone that shares her mission and vision irrespective of race, sex, believes, and/or age complying with international guidance on child labor.

Learning and sharing: MfoFou seeks to maximize and promote opportunities to share their experiences and learn from both each other and good practice from other initiatives – through our website, e-newsletter and where possible, participatory workshops.

Our strategic aims which are delivered through our six programs with local partners in Cameroon include:

      • Education: Foster an understanding of the amenity, ecological and economic value of nature.
      • Livelihoods: Enable communities to develop and restore sustainable and productive landscapes through tree cultivation.
      • Research: We endeavor to base our conservatory efforts to our field based research and collaboration with other research institutions through promoting data sharing.
      • Capacity Building: Build capacity in community organizations to advocate, share knowledge and implement community based forestry and agroforestry.

Latest Missions



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