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Education & Communication

Education and Communication Program

MfoFou’s Education program is split into 2 main components:Community Outreach Education and School Education. The main goal of the program is to train, educate, sensitize, build skills and raise awareness on environmental acceptable actions as strategy to save the climate, environment, threatened wildlife species, their habitats and fragile landscapes; while promoting sustainable livelihood activities. Through her communication program (newsletters, radio programs etc), MfoFou acts as whistle blower on activities that are not environmentally friendly.

Community Outreach Education

The community outreach education program is focused primarily on raising awareness and building potentials on the conservation of biodiversity and their habitats. The component works with different stakeholders including the administration, technical Ministries, communities and media to deliver the program. The component intersects with the other programs to ensure that MfoFou meets its goals.

School Education

The school education contributes to MfoFou’s efforts to develop a dynamic, young, enthusiastic and environmentally conscious generation; with target on primary, secondary and high school pupils and students. This helps to enhance and increase students’ skills and knowledge thus enabling them to be involved in the planning and management of their community’s natural resources. This has also facilitated young boys and girls to embrace conservation as career.

MfoFou has developed school charters and has integrated environmental education into the school curricular of some schools in the landscape.